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What is the cost of nail extension course

How much does the nail extension course cost

How much does the nail extension course cost

  • Introduction
  • What is nail art?
  • The cost of nail art lessons
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs


I’m often amazed when I see girls with huge shiny nails using their phones. The first thought that comes to mind is, “How can they even touch the phone screen with such long claws instead of nails?” but then again, it’s their choice. And when I started researching it, I was even more amazed at how this tradition of nail growth and manicure has continued since ancient times. Yes, even our ancestors painted their nails in different colours. The earliest evidence of nail art being used in ancient times comes from Egypt, where men painted their nails before going to war. Interesting right? It all started here. But as humans, we are an ever-evolving species, and we change cultures as we evolve.

The same can be observed in the development of nail art. We’ve certainly come a long way from “war paint” to a fashion statement. Nowadays you can often find nail studios and beauty salons in our vicinity. With all the glamour and glitz, you might be wondering, “What if you picked a nail and tried to make some money off it?” “Suddenly, another question shot through their minds: ‘How much does the nail lengthening course cost?’. In this article, you will find answers to all these questions. So let’s dive deep into the world of long, shiny, sometimes cheeky nails. 

What is nail extension?

Simply put, the process of adding artificial length and size to natural nails is called nail extension. It can be done using gel or acrylic. The most preferred material is known to be acrylic as it is stronger and provides a more durable product. Gel-based artificial nail extension costs less than acrylic for the same reason. The designs on these nails can vary as per the customers’ choices and preferences. 

How much does the nail extension course cost?

An important question regarding the nail extension courses is the cost of the courses. The simple answer is that the cost of these courses depends on multiple factors. Let’s discuss some of them.

Duration of the course: The duration of the course decides the cost and also shows you how dedicated the training institute is towards your career. In Chandigarh, we at FashionMakeFashion excel in these training courses and you are always welcome to come and contact us for demo classes and meet our extremely talented staff for other queries. We have a range of courses for you curated according to every student’s needs. Below is a table that represents our course structure and the approximate price ranges.

Novice1 monthRs. 10,000-20,000
Intermediate2 monthsRs. 20,000-40,000
Advanced3 monthsRs. 50,000-60,000


Everything that has quality will have a price. Good things don’t come for free in this world and good education should never be free, otherwise it loses its value. Therefore, whenever you decide to take up nail art as a career option, first invest in a good training institute, where you can learn all the do’s and don’ts of the business. Focus more on practical knowledge and get all the training experience that you need. Only then think about starting a business in this field.

Teaching staff:

A good mentor wants his students to excel in their field. He/she is not selfish in sharing knowledge with his/her students. If the staff of an institute has all these qualities, and are producing great results with their students in the field, you must visit the place at least for a demo class. So that you understand why the institute is so reputed. Such is our institute in Chandigarh. For any more queries on nail extension courses, please feel free to visit or call during office hours.


Nail extension art is a fashion trend that is going to stay with us forever, as discussed above, it has been with us for many centuries and it is still really popular in today’s world. So, if you are thinking about building a career in the nail art business, the time is NOW.

Nail extension course in Chandigarh


Q. What should be the ideal duration of a nail extension course?

A. As mentioned in the above article, the duration of the course depends on various factors such as the level of the course, the level of training etc., however, a good and reputed institute will always have a slightly higher price for its courses

Q. Can I start my business as soon as my course is over?

A. Yes, you can start immediately after your course ends. There is no time frame as to when you can start a business in this field.

Q. Why do I need to go to an expensive institute when I can learn everything from YouTube for free?

A. You can learn everything from YouTube but you cannot replace the experience that you get in a professional institute. It is always better to get practical knowledge from the best in the business.

Q. What should I do after my training is over?

A. once you are done with your training, it is up to you to decide if you want to open up your own business or work for someone. Both options are good for getting some more work experience.

Q. Will I get paid good money if I work for someone in this field?

A. It all depends on the person you work for and also the amount of money their business is generating. Also, your experience level matters a lot. 

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