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Immerse yourself in high-quality, lifelike training that replicates the in-person experience for optimal learning outcomes.

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Gain practical expertise through hands-on training, ensuring you acquire real-life skills in the art of nail design.

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Stay ahead of the curve by learning the latest nail art trends and techniques, keeping your skills fresh and innovative

Nail art course

A clear & favourable refund policy is better than falling into prey of demo class traps !

Best nail art course

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Unleash Your Inner Artist and Embrace the World of Nail Design.Elevate Your Nail Game with Fashion Make Fashion's Top-rated Nail Art course online.

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Let Your Nails Tell Your Unique Story. Embark on a Journey of Nail Artistry Excellence – Join Our Chandigarh Nail Art course online

Best nail classes online
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Our Accreditation:

Govt. Recognised - BSS

Our Standards :

ISO Certified (9001: 2015)

Our Experience:

20 Years of Excellence

Our Pedagogy:

TransEDU via Gantt Charts

Our Mentors:

T3 Certified Industry Experts

Our Trainers

permanent makeup courses in Chandigarh Sector 34

Name: Seema Sharma

Qualification: Bachelor of arts

Certificate: professional & Pro makeup Artistry

Specialisations:Makeup Artistry

Experience: 10years

Name: Diksha Sharma

Qualification: MBA

Certificate: T3, Counseling

Specialisations:Career Counseling Specialist

Experience: 10years

Name: Amandeep kaur

Qualification:Bachelor Degree (Makeup)

Certificate: Advance Nail Technician

Specialisations:Gel, Acrylic, Dipping,3D, Fiber Glass Nail Art

Experience: 6+years

Best nail classes online

To participate in our online Nail Art course, students must have access to a computer, laptop, or mobile device with a stable internet connection. This will enable them to access the course materials, watch video tutorials, and engage in online discussions and activities.

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Best nail classes online

No specific skills are required to enroll in our Makeup Artist Course in Chandigarh. Whether you are a beginner or have some prior experience, our makeup course is designed to enhance your skills and provide comprehensive training in makeup artistry & Nail Art techniques.

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Best nail classes online

A genuine passion and interest in nail art is an important prerequisite for our course. Students should have a creative flair and a strong desire to learn and develop their skills in nail artistry. This passion will drive their motivation and commitment throughout the course.

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Best nail classes online

The Sparkle Level is the entry point for our online Nail Art course, where students embark on their creative journey, learning foundational techniques, and exploring the world of nail artistry.

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Best nail classes online

In the Radiance Level of our Nail Art Course Online , students dive deeper into advanced nail art techniques, refining their skills, and discovering new design possibilities to create captivating and radiant nail art masterpieces.

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Best nail classes online

The Enchant Level represents the pinnacle of our online Nail Art course, where students master intricate designs, 3D nail art, and specialized techniques, captivating others with their enchanting and extraordinary nail art creations and learn social media tips & tricks to showcase their digital presence. Moreover, you can enhance your social media expertise by following our Instagram account, where we share insights on effective strategies and skill acquisition.

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Best nail classes online

Our online Nail Art course offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers a wide range of techniques, from basic designs to intricate nail artistry, ensuring students acquire the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the field.

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Best nail classes online

Through engaging video tutorials, interactive assignments, and live demonstrations, our Nail Art course online provides students with an immersive and interactive learning experience, fostering creativity and skill development in a dynamic online environment.

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Best nail classes online

Students receive personalized feedback and support from experienced instructors, allowing them to refine their techniques and receive guidance tailored to their individual learning needs, ensuring a rewarding and effective learning journey.

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Best nail classes online

Students have access to interactive demonstrations where professional nail artists showcase various nail art techniques in real-time. These demonstrations offer a hands-on learning experience, allowing students to observe and practice alongside the instructor, gaining valuable insights and honing their skills.

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Best nail classes online

A collection of visual references, such as high-quality images and mood boards, is provided to inspire students and expose them to diverse nail art styles and designs. These references serve as a source of inspiration, helping students explore their creativity and develop their artistic vision.

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Best nail classes online

The course includes practice exercises and downloadable worksheets that provide opportunities for students to apply their knowledge and practice different nail art techniques. These exercises help reinforce learning, enhance technique proficiency, and encourage creativity in designing unique nail art pieces.

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Best nail classes online

Upon completing our Nail Art course online, students will have acquired a mastery of various nail art techniques, including basic designs, advanced patterns, 3D nail art, and intricate detailing. They will possess the skills necessary to create stunning and professional-quality nail art designs.

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Best nail classes online

Throughout the online nail art course, students will build a professional portfolio showcasing their best nail art creations. This portfolio will serve as a visual representation of their skills and creativity, allowing them to showcase their work to potential clients, employers, or as a platform for their own nail art business.

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Best nail classes online

Our Nail Art course online equips students with industry-relevant skills, including client consultation, nail health and safety practices, proper product selection, and efficient time management. These skills are essential for establishing a successful career in the nail art industry or starting their own nail art business.

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Helping you to understand with FAQs !

Can I learn nail art online?

Absolutely! Our Nail Art course is designed for online learning, providing you with step-by-step tutorials,
interactive demonstrations, and personalized feedback to master nail art from the comfort of your home.

What is the salary of a makeup artist in India?

Learning nail art at home is convenient with our online nail art course. Access live video lessons, practice
techniques, and receive expert guidance, empowering you to become a skilled nail artist at your own

How many types of nail art are there?

Nail art encompasses various styles, including freehand, stamping, 3D designs, ombre, and more. Our
comprehensive course covers multiple techniques, allowing you to explore and master different types of
nail art.

What is recognition of this course ?

Our Nail Art course online is recognized for its industry relevance and quality standards. We are ISO
certified and government recognised. Upon completion, you will receive a certification that validates your
skills and knowledge, enhancing your professional credibility in the field in India and Abroad.

What is the qualification of my trainer ?

Your trainer holds extensive experience in the nail art industry, possessing the necessary qualifications
and expertise to guide you through the course effectively. They are committed to your success and will
support you throughout your learning journey.

My query is not listed here . What should I do ?

If your query is not listed here, we encourage you to reach out to our dedicated support team. They are
available to address any additional questions or concerns you may have, ensuring you receive the
assistance and information you need.

Hear what our students have to say !

I never thought I could learn nail art online, but Fashion Make Fashion's course proved me wrong. Their well-designed online platform and comprehensive video lessons made it a seamless and engaging learning experience.


Thanks to Fashion Make Fashion's Nail Art online course, I gained the flexibility to learn at my own pace and fit my studies into my busy schedule. The online classes were effective, knowledgeable and really really helpful.


FMF's Nail Art online course brought the classroom experience to my home. The interactive online sessions and virtual demonstrations allowed me to learn and practice nail art techniques effectively from the comfort of my own space.


Nail Art online course by Fashion Make Fashion guided me with the tools and resources I needed to master nail art from home. The interactive virtual classroom and prompt feedback from instructors enhanced my learning journey.


The Nail Art online course by FMF made learning accessible and enjoyable. The virtual lessons, live demonstrations, and interactive discussions allowed me to connect with fellow learners and expand my nail art skills."


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Nail Art Course Online

Embark on an inspiring journey of creativity and mastery. Join our Nail Art course online to unlock your artistic potential, learn professional techniques, and become a skilled nail artist from the comfort of your home.

Course Name Nail Art Course Online For other courses click here
Course Modules 06 ( PC to CR ) Our SITL is the most popular
Course Duration 60 to 1440 Hours ( +- ) Velocity is scalable
Class Timing 02 - 04 hours, Per Day Customisation available
Class Days Monday to Saturday Weekend batches available
Class Slots Between 08:00 AM to 08:00 PM Choose slots as per choice
Class Mode Online / Offline / Hybrid Instructor Led
Contact Number 9988561983 whatsapp

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