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Master the art of Microblading eyebrows

With our Microblading course in Chandigarh

Looking for a course on Microblading eyebrows in Chandigarh? Fashion Make Fashion has got you covered!

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Give yourself the career growth you always wanted

With the best microblading course in Chandigarh

Learn with microblading experts

Our faculty and training team consists of industry specialists in microblading who have trained hundreds of students

Best-in-class equipment

We believe in practical training for all our students in makeup and cosmetology. That’s why we have built labs equipped with the newest microblading technologies.

Best learning atmosphere

At FMF, our top priority is to create the best learning environment for our students

Micro Blading in Chandigarh

A clear & favourable refund policy is better than falling into prey of demo class traps !

Micro Blading in Chandigarh

Helping you advance in your career

Making microblading as easy as possible

There are hundreds of students who have attended our microblading course in Chandigarh and are now working as specialists in many renowned companies and clinics. Some of our students have taken up the roles of entrepreneurs creating jobs for other microblading experts as they know that this industry is going to see a boom period for a very long time. We provide the following:

1.Training and Certification Programs
2. Marketing and Branding Assistance
3. Ongoing Support and Professional Development

Updated syllabus 2024

Make pretty faces more beautiful with our Beauty Course

Govt. Certifications

We provide govt. recognized certifications

Take the first step

In building the best microblading career in Chandigarh

We see many salons and makeup studios incorporating microblading in their offers as this has become a new phenomenon around the world. That’s why, FMF has taken up the task of teaching the intricacies of microblading in Chandigarh.

  1. Personalized Instruction: Tailored training sessions to individual learning styles and skill levels.
  2. Business Development Support: Assisting aspiring microblading artists in guidance on marketing, pricing, and client management strategies.
  3. Continuous Education Opportunities: Offering advanced workshops and seminars to further refine skills.
Micro Blading classes in Chandigarh
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Why Choose us

Our Accreditation:

Govt. Recognised - BSS

Our Standards :

ISO Certified (9001: 2015)

Our Experience:

20 Years of Excellence

Our Pedagogy:

TransEDU via Gantt Charts

Our Mentors:

T3 Certified Industry Experts

Our Trainers

permanent makeup courses in Chandigarh Sector 34

Name: Seema Sharma

Qualification: Bachelor of arts

Certificate: professional & Pro makeup Artistry

Specialisations:Makeup Artistry

Experience: 10years

Name: Diksha Sharma

Qualification: MBA

Certificate: T3, Counseling

Specialisations:Career Counseling Specialist

Experience: 10years

Name: Amandeep kaur

Qualification:Bachelor Degree (Makeup)

Certificate: Advance Nail Technician

Specialisations:Gel, Acrylic, Dipping,3D, Fiber Glass Nail Art

Experience: 6+years

Micro Blading classes in chandigarh

At Fashion Make Fashion, we do not ask you for a college degree for admission in the microblading and permanent makeup courses. You can get admission easily and quickly if you have a passion for working in the makeup and cosmetics industry.

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Micro Blading in chandigarh

The skills required for becoming a microblading expert in Chandigarh will be instilled in you by our incredible and highly trained faculty. They have been in this business for a long time and have trained hundreds of students in this minute art of eyebrow microblading in Chandigarh. These skills help you become a great makeup artist as well!

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Micro Blading in chandigarh

Many people who suffer from diseases like cancer and alopecia complain about hair fall regularly. Microblading is a simple procedure that can help them in this area and give them confidence in facing their daily lives. Microblading provides a semi-permanent solution to sparse or uneven eyebrows, enhancing natural beauty with long-lasting results.

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Micro Blading in chandigarh

As mentioned above, because of rising cases of alopecia and cancer, the demand for microblading professionals has increased across the globe. India is no different in this department as the number of these diseases is also rising in India and thus, the demand for microblading experts is also seeing growth.

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Micro Blading classes in chandigarh

Our microblading course in Chandigarh is one of the finest. We help our students learn the complexities of this profession so that they can help their clients efficiently once they start working as microblading experts.

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Micro Blading classes in chandigarh

Permanent makeup and microblading go hand in hand. If you want to be known as a microblading expert, our training program can do that for you. We have curated one of the best syllabi for these procedures that cover all the methodologies involved in the art of microblading. It helps you brush up your skills and become advanced in makeup artistry.

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Micro Blading classes in chandigarh

The basic knowledge of makeup and eyebrow shaping is taught to all our students who join our Permanent makeup course in Chandigarh. After they have mastered these basic techniques, we introduce them to the procedure of microblading and start training them in this field to give them the skills they came to us for.

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Micro Blading in chandigarh

We train our students in a way that they can start working as microblading experts the minute they leave our facility. They see huge career growth as makeup artists from the start as this industry is creating thousands of jobs these days not just in India but across the world.

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Micro Blading classes in chandigarh

Becoming an expert in something requires a large amount of hard work as well as a firm belief in oneself. With our microblading training team, you will enjoy the highest levels of support and cooperation during and even after the course has been completed. They will help you achieve your dreams and you can even become a successful freelance makeup artist.

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Micro Blading classes in chandigarh

Our training staff delivers extremely comprehensive live workshops or lectures in plain, understandable language. This enables our students to study at a speed that suits them and creates a natural look for their clients. Our eyebrow microblading training in Chandigarh is unique as well since not many other colleges provide it.

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Institute for beauty classes in Chandigarh

Our students benefit from the skills of our experienced, trained professionals who have worked in this field for a long time. Microblading and permanent cosmetics are complex artistic endeavors. To become proficient at it, one must dedicate months or perhaps years. Because microblading involves methods that are challenging to learn, there is a significant need for these professionals.

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Micro Blading in chandigarh

The business aspect of permanent makeup and eyebrow microblading is also bright in the coming future. The demand for specialists in microblading is only going to increase as the number of its users is also increasing. As microblading is a specialized field, it also intersects with skin care, making it highly relevant.

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Micro Blading classes in chandigarh

With the help of our incredible microblading classes in Chandigarh, you can start a career as a makeup and hairstylist as all of this comes under the cosmetology department. You can incorporate your microblading skills with the training that you receive at Fashion Make Fashion.

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Micro Blading in chandigarh

We train our students with the goal of making them job creators. This is a huge responsibility that we have given to ourselves as we want the Indian youth to stop waiting for things to happen and start making things happen for themselves. By learning this course, you can easily become a beautician and open up a beauty salon yourself!

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Micro Blading classes in chandigarh

As mentioned above, microblading is a part of the permanent makeup field which is being hailed as a lifesaver for people who have issues like alopecia and regular hair fall. This is where our microblading course in Chandigarh comes in and helps these people by managing and improving their looks.

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All your queries are answered here!

How Long Does Microblading Last?

Microblading typically lasts 1 to 2 years, depending on factors like skin type and aftercare.

Is Microblading Safe?

When performed by a trained and certified professional, microblading is a safe
procedure with minimal risks.

How Long is the Recovery Period?

The initial healing phase takes about 1-2 weeks, with complete recovery in
approximately 4-6 weeks.

Can I Choose the Shape and Colour of my Eyebrows?

Absolutely! The shape and colour are customized according to your preferences and
facial features.

Are Touch-Ups Necessary?

Yes, a touch-up session is recommended 4-6 weeks after the initial procedure for
perfect results.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Minor redness and swelling are common initially, but serious side effects are rare
when performed by a skilled artist.

Words from our satisfied stars !

When I started my permanent makeup course with Fashion Make Fashion, I found the microblading niche very interesting and decided to make it a career option. Thanks to FMF, they have helped me learn everything there is to learn in microblading.


Microblading eyebrows is a long and tiresome procedure that can take years to perfect. However, FMF has helped me learn all these techniques in a matter of weeks. Thanks, Fashion Make Fashion for your guidance.


I started my microblading course in Chandigarh just to learn an extra skill but today I am proud to say that I am continuing this as my primary profession. All thanks to FMF and its faculty that gave me the confidence to take it up as a profession.


Having learned the skills of permanent makeup and microblading, I have grown from being an employee to an entrepreneur. Today, I am running a small business all thanks to the amazing training I received from Fashion Make Fashion.


I took the self-grooming course at Fashion Make Fashion to improve my personal style, and it has helped me gain more confidence in my professional life. I have been promoted twice since completing the course.


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Micro Blading academy in Chandigarh

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Microblading course in Chandigarh

Give your career the boost it needs with our incredible microblading training in Chandigarh. With the best training faculty in Chandigarh, you will not miss a beat in the realm of permanent makeup and microblading.

Course Name Microblading Course See our Microblading course
Course Modules 06 ( PC to CR ) Our SITL is the most popular
Course Duration 60 to 1440 Hours ( +- ) Velocity is scalable
Class Timing 02 - 04 hours, Per Day Customisation available
Class Days Monday to Saturday Weekend batches available
Class Slots Between 08:00 AM to 08:00 PM Choose slots as per choice
Class Mode Online / Offline / Hybrid Instructor Led
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