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How can I learn nail art?

How can I learn nail art?

Table of contents

  •  Introduction
  •  What is nail art?
  •  How and where to learn it from 
  •  Conclusion
  •  FAQs


Painting of nails has been in cultures since ancient times. Yes, for centuries women and in some civilizations, even men have been painting their nails depending on their class, their profession and the situations they were living in at that time. 

There were different colours for different occasions. As we kept evolving, our traditions and cultural values kept evolving with us. However, we still see some little parts of our ancestors in our surroundings. Nail art and nail painting are two examples right in front of us every day. 

What is nail art?

As we just talked about evolution, the form of nail art has also evolved with time. Today, we see a different style of nail art that has been popularized by big Hollywood celebrities and pop culture stars like Cardi B and Kylie Jenner. Long, be jewelled talons that can be seen from a distance are all the rage today.

But for a long time, in the middle of the twentieth century, this manicure art form was only available to the elite and the wealthy. Although Asian and African cultures are credited with the birth of manicure practices and nail art, it did not become popular enough until it reached the silver screen in Los Angeles. In the early ’90s, people saw these long and shiny talons on the big screen and soon enough, they were being sold on the streets of New York inside nail bars and popular salons.

Women did not shy away from wearing whatever they wanted, but this changed the game, as from simple nail polish and manicure, things took a wild turn towards artificial or acrylic nails with different designs and images. This art form soon became a wildfire and spread all across the world. Today, we see women dawning these acrylic talons all around us, our friends, our sisters, our partners, everyone wants to have the best-designed nails with the best bling possible.

How can I learn Nail Art?

Looking at all of this, one might think of this from a business point of view and wonder, “What if opened a nail bar and painted fake nails to earn a livelihood?” Then there would pop a second question which is even bigger than the first one, “How can I learn nail art?”

Both these questions have simple answers, if you want to learn nail art, then you can easily avail our stupendous Nail art training courses which will not only help you learn but will also teach you how to grow a business out of this art form. 

There is a huge market for nail art that is waiting for entrepreneurs to dive in and bask in the glory of huge, blingy, out-of-the-box and sometimes outrageous nails. Whenever you decide to make this your profession, get in touch with our team in Chandigarh and we will make it our mission to train you and make YOU the next star in this business. 


As we have discussed in this article, nail art has been popular since ancient times, it is popular today and I am pretty sure that nail art will stand the test of time in the future as well. Why am I so confident about it? Well, I also had doubts about this, but after a lot of research and scrolling, the art form itself convinced me and changed my mind. Being impervious to facts won’t help you in life, instead, you need to embrace some things in your life and I have embraced the fact that nail art is here to stay. 

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Q. How can I learn nail art quickly?

A. nothing in this world worth achieving is achieved overnight. Have patience, be consistent and join our nail art training program, in Chandigarh.

Q. What is the cost of learning nail art?

A. As mentioned in the article above, we have our courses in Chandigarh with a low to moderate fee structure depending upon the time and level of expertise you desire. You can easily contact our staff and get started as soon as you want to.

Q. How much can I earn in this business?

A. The scope of income is unlimited as this art form is not dying down any time soon. Also, there is a shortage in supply and very high demand for this business. Therefore, it is the best time to learn this art form and start your own nail bar/nail salon. As per the earning situation in this business, it all depends on your location and your level of expertise, if all of that is good, you can expect a great income source.

Q. What is the price range of nail art?

A. Depending upon the type of nail art i.e., acrylic or gel, whichever you prefer, there is a range of prices that you can know about by calling any of your closest nail bar/nail salon.

Q. What is the best time to get nail art done?

A. There is no time restraint in this art form. You can get it done any time of the year and in any season. It is trendy and blingy in all seasons.

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