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How to build a skin care routine

How to build a skin care routine

How to build a skin care routine

Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • Why you must take good care of your skin
  • Ways to build a sustainable skin care routine at home
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs

How to build a skin care routine

Even after decades of research on this one subject, there are still many misconceptions about Skin care that are floating around in the market. Some of these misconceptions were created by people who have zero relation with this industry, however, some of these misconceptions were propagate by some businesses just for the sake of their short-term financial gains and miniscule popularity. This is one of the most poignant reasons for people not knowing about how to build a skin care routine themselves.

Although, the market is flooded with skin care products that claim of being “all natural”, there is still a demand in the market for genuinely produced natural products. The consumers have had a lot of bad experiences with products that are advertised as “the best in the market”, but after using them, all they were left with was extreme dissatisfaction and loss of money.

Why you must take extra care of your skin?

As we all know from our basic science class, skin is the largest organ of our entire human body. It is also the most sensitive one. So, whenever we think about taking care of our body and health, skin should be the first part of our body that we should focus on. Afterall, it doesn’t even take a lot of time in creating and following a basic skin care routine. But still, many women and almost all the men in the world, pay the least amount of attention towards their skin.

Today, with this article, we are going to try and formulate an easy to follow and pocket friendly skin care routine that any woman or man ranging from the age of 18-60 can follow and get great results in a matter of weeks.

How to make a skin care routine

Know yourself:

The first and foremost step towards taking care of your skin is to know what your skin is actually like. A majority of people keep using a wrong set of products their entire life. The reason? They literally have no idea what their skin type is. Ranging form oily to dry, there are mainly six types of skin that one can have i.e., oily, dry, combination, balanced, sensitive and acne. The range alone should tell you that how complex we are as humans. Yet, people treat their skin with the utmost disregard.

Protect yourself from the sun:

“Get some sunlight, it gives you Vitamin D”, put your hand to your heart and tell me honestly, how many times have you heard the aforementioned phrase in your life? First of all, it’s a lie, the sun does not provide your body with vitamin D, it’s a myth that has been propagated since centuries, probably because there was no direct research done on this topic in those times. But now, after decades of research by certified doctors and scientists, we know that vitamin D is already present in your body in the form of 7-Dehydrocholesterol, which is in its dormant form.

All that the sun does is it provides UV radiations to this cholesterol which in turn absorbs these radiations and turns into activated Vitamin D3. Do you know what else these radiations provide? Skin cancer. Therefore, you must invest in a decent sunscreen lotion with at least SPF level 30, this will protect you from the harmful UV rays and even sunburns in some extreme cases.

Cleanse your skin:

Your Dentist must have suggested you to brush your teeth twice a day over a million times. All we are asking of you is to use the same treatment for your skin. This might sound basic, but cleansing your face twice a day is the basic for how to build a skin care routine. Cleanse your face with warm (not HOT) water at least twice a day, once in the morning and the second time, just before going to bed. You might start feeling changes in your skin just after a few days of following this one basic step. For women specifically, if you wear make-up every day, try cleansing your skin right before you put make-up on and then at night right before bed.

Consult a dermatologist not the INTERNET:

Many of these discontented customers blame the internet for the damage that was caused to their skin. Only because they consulted the internet instead of consulting a professional for help with their skin issues. What they are left with are even worse problems than what they started with in the first place. Also, if you feel the need of learning more about how to build a skin care routine and you are residing in or around Chandigarh, you can visit personally and check out our skin care courses in Chandigarh.

Exercise and stress:

One of the main factors that nobody is will to talk about in the open is the effect of stress on your skin. Many researchers and scientists believe that your lifestyle choices and your stress levels highly damage your skin. For example, a person who eats only junk food, smokes, drinks a lot of liquor and doesn’t sleep adequately, will automatically have bad skin health. All the factors mentioned above are just examples of a poor lifestyle. On the other hand, a person who is the same age as the previous one but doesn’t do any of the things mentioned above, will have a much better skin health as well as an overall reduced level of stress in his/her body.


we have only discussed five basic points with you in this article on how to build a skin care routine, that’s what we are trying to establish with this post. Skin care doesn’t have to be as complex as some people have made it now a days. Just stick with the basics and you will have a beautiful and flawless skin.


Q. How long does it take to see changes in my skin if I follow this routine?

A. The day one starts following this basic routine, they would start feeling much better and more self-confident anyways. But the actual changes might take a few days to show their effect as all these changes are mostly natural. So, stop thinking about the results and start working upon your skin ASAP.

Q. Which products are the best for protection against the effects of the sun?

A. There is no such thing as the best product, however, any sunscreen lotion with a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 30 or above is scientifically proven to be more effective against the sun.

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