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How to recreate a celebrity makeup look

How to recreate a celebrity makeup look

How to recreate a celebrity makeup look

Table of contents
How to recreate a celebrity makeup look?
What are the steps to follow during recreation?


We are living in a world where looks and beauty are of the utmost importance. People follow celebrities on social media and want to look just like them. This has been the culture since movies and movie stars became popular in the world. Magazines started using them on their front pages, newspapers started using their pictures to get more subscriptions and big companies started hiring them for their face value to sell their products. Since then, people have started worshipping these actors and celebrities like gods. People want to eat what they eat, drink what they drink, wear what they wear and look exactly the way their beloved stars look. This obsession with celebrities is the crux of today’s article. We will try to show you how to recreate a celebrity makeup look. Let’s dive straight into the topic.

Steps to follow

Select the look: The first step of recreating a celebrity’s makeup look would be to select the celebrity. Keep in mind, you should choose the celebrity according to your face shape and skin type. Not all faces in the world are the same, different shapes and sizes require different attention to detail. Your skin type will play an important role in this as well.

Create a clean and moisturized canvas:

Before commencing to recreate a celebrity look, taking care of your skin regularly is most important. Cleanse and moisturize your face before starting your makeup routine.

Gather everything required for the look:

Get everything you will need in one place, this will help you concentrate more and will give you better results. If you keep running here and there to get different things, there is a chance you might mess up the look.

Make sure to use similar shades:

When you know you want to recreate a look, you must keep a picture in front of you for your reference. Then start your makeup routine with the foundation of a similar skin shade, also, keep in mind the difference between your skin and the celebrity’s skin. You might have to take a few things out from the look just to stay away from unnecessary criticism.

No need to look EXACTLY like the picture:

You might think that copying the look as it is would be a good idea, but NO, as discussed before, it all depends on your face shape and skin type. If the look is demanding something unnatural from you, skip it and carry on with the next step. You don’t have to look like a wannabe just to impress a few people in a room. You’re better than that. Just believe in yourself and create a look that suits you and your skin.

Colours and contours:

To match the look of your desired celebrity, you need to match the contours that their makeup artists are using. Use the same shade of blush and try to keep it subtle. The colour theme should be similar to what the celebrity is applying on their face. Only then, you will be able to recreate the same look.


When you aspire to look like someone, you agree with the fact that they look better than you. This is not true at all. The people you look up to today, have also looked up to someone in their life. Always know your worth before saying that someone is better than you. It is ok to be in awe of someone, but trying to look like them should not be your goal. You are beautiful in your own way. Accept yourself first, make yourself your priority and work on yourself to become the best version of “YOU”.

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Q. Can we recreate the look at home?
A. Of course, you can. If you know your way with makeup, you should definitely save yo
hard-earned money and just DIY.
Q. Where can I learn makeup from?
A. There are many institutes today that can help you learn to do make-up professionally. If
you are interested and want to make this your profession, you can contact us and enrol
in our training courses in Chandigarh.
Q. How to take care of dry skin and dark patches?
A. You should always keep a moisturizer with you. Whenever you feel like your skin is
becoming scratchy, use a little bit of moisturizer. This will help you throughout the day.
Q. What should I do to cure pimples and acne?
A. Acne and pimples are a high pain point in many people’s lives. If you get pimples and
acne regularly, consult a dermatologist. Also, your dietary habits may be a reason for
your acne problem, consider reducing oily and junk food for a while.
Q. What sort of habits can damage my skin?
A. Direct sunlight, smoking, eating junk food, not getting enough sleep and many other
habits can make your skin dull and acne prone. To have good skin health, your overall
health care should be on point.

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