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Why is Nail Care Important

Why is nail care important?

Why is nail care important?

Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • Importance of taking care of your nails
  • Steps and procedures
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs

Why is nail care important?

The world has recently seen a lot of changes. Post Covid-19, the whole world has understood the importance of personal hygiene and health. It has been noticed that post pandemic, people have started making changes in their daily routines and even in their lifestyle.

Increasing one’s immunity from the inside has now become a priority. Worldwide, working out and living a clean and healthy life has become a new trend. All this has happened because one little virus caused a havoc throughout the world and the world was not ready for it.

These things often take place only when we (as humans) become careless or complacent. We start neglecting the basic truths of life and end up in trouble. We are unknowingly doing it every day with one very crucial part of our body i.e., our nails.

Did you ever stop for a second and think about why the almighty decided to give us nails? Never, right? Did you ever think about why nail care is important? Again, never. Why do we always need a shock before we start taking things seriously?

Today, through this article, we will try and find out why nail care is important for us, what are the benefits of taking care of your nails and what harmful affects you can see if you don’t take good care of this small little inconsequential part of your body.

Importance of taking care of your nails

Why do you think we are stressing on this point so much? It is simply because we have seen what a tiny, invisible virus can do to the human race as a whole. Covid-19 taught us about the importance of our health and personal well-being. But what it still couldn’t teach us was how important it is for us to be well groomed.

A neat and clean set of nails is a sign of good health and personal hygiene. Also, clean nails can save you from a lot of diseases. During Covid-19, do you remember how important it suddenly became to wash your hands on a regular basis? We were told to stay at least six-feet apart in public places for the sole reason that we weren’t supposed to touch each other. Why was that? Because there was a severe risk of contamination through contact.

Now imagine, if that was the case merely because we could not control a virus, doesn’t that make nail care important? We come in contact with thousands of things and people knowingly and unknowingly on a daily basis. What if one of those surfaces or the people we came in direct contact with was contaminated with a harmful virus? That is why nail care in so important.

Some other important reasons for you to start taking care of your nails right now!
  • Short and clean nails enhance your personality
  • A well-groomed person always looks attractive
  • Short nails can help in preventing injuries
  • Being well groomed is a sure shot way of boosting your confidence and self esteem

We use our hands to eat and drink multiple times a day. And, if our nails have been contaminated with a harmful bacteria or virus, it can easily enter our body with the food particles. This whole situation can be avoided by following just a few simple steps.

Keep your nails clean: Whenever you wash your hands, give some special attention to your nails as well.

Avoid nail biting as much as possible: another really bad habit that we can cultivate is of nail biting. It can cause severe irreversible damage to your nails and can even make them brittle.

Trim and cut your nails properly: By this statement we are not only stressing on the point that you should always use a nail-cutter to trim your nails, but also the fact that you should also use a nail-file to smooth the edges of your nails after cutting them. This can prevent you from injuries as well.

Avoid chemicals that can cause irritation: There are multiple substances even in our homes that can cause irritation in the nails. Read about them and keep your nails away from those substances. Use moisturizers: Another no-brainer, keeping your nails moisturized and hydrated will increase the life and look of your nails. This will help you in enhancing you overall health and personality.


We hope that after presenting you with so many great points on why is nail care important, you must have realizes one thing, a short and clean set of nails can be the reason for your good health. Therefore, everyone should follow these few and easy steps and stay healthy always.

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Q. what should we do if our nails are getting brittle?

A. If you are having this issue, you should first go and see your physician because a declining nail health can be an early sign of an underlying disease or infection. But, if your physician doesn’t find any abnormalities in your body, you must start taking care of your nails immediately by following the steps mentioned above.

Q. what can be the consequences of not cleaning our nails properly?

A. As mentioned above, keeping dirty fingernails can lead to a number of bacterial and viral infections. This can harm your health in the long run.

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