Nowadays is the era of Makeup, self grooming and fashion consciousness. People love to get groomed, look beautiful and follow the ongoing fashion trends. Especially , people have become more and more conscious about how they look, what they wear and express. Any age group whether it is any teenager, or newly becoming parents or an aged couple, all want to stay at the same page of appearing elegantly and love to flaunt their beauty. In this process of looking good and attractive, Makeup plays an important part. This has become a common and usual part of our lives. Wear sensible and elegant attire, put on makeup and here you go !

But this daily indulgence of makeup in our everyday lives brings forth the other side of the coin also. Where at one part , makeup adds embellishment to the beauty of a person, but at another part, it’s daily use can be quite harmful for your skin. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t put on makeup at all. In this aid, we have brought for you the list of some such types of Makeup’s persisting harmful effects and what you can do to eliminate or prevent from them –

Clogged Pores:

Clogged pores appear when you apply makeup on a regular basis and keep it on for a long time. This happens because your skin is not able to breathe properly due to makeup which results in many skin problems like acne, bumps , clogged pores, etc.

Premature Aging:

This usually happens when you do not apply sunscreen before the makeup . As it is very important to maintain your skin health by protecting it from sun damage, applying makeup without sunscreens can result in ageing signs like wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, pores, etc. It also happens when you do not remove your makeup before you sleep.

Oily or Dry Skin:

Some makeup products which do not fit your skin type can make your skin dry or oily . This can cause extreme dryness or extreme oiliness and results in much oil production which even can further cause you the open pores too.


Although the reasons behind the Breakouts can be many such as hormonal imbalance, medications and a filthy diet, the overuse or regular use of makeup can make it worse or can trigger more frequent breakouts.

Colour Changes:

Sometimes, your skin starts changing its color. This happens when you start sleeping with makeup on your skin . This can harm your skin to a great extent as the pollution, Sun damage, and free radicals start affecting the collagen of your skin which leads to its colour change.
Have you noticed that the colour of your lips change when you start wearing lipstick more often? This happens because the supply of oxygen gets blocked when you put on the lipstick for more than 10 hours.

Skin Allergies:

Certain makeup products contain such types of chemicals which can harm your skin and give it an allergic effect. Such Chemicals for example parabens , sulphates can make your skin itchy and uncomfortable.

Here is a list of remedies you can use against all these problems:

  1. Always clean your makeup brushes so that the harmful bacteria which thrive on your makeup brushes due to dead skin cells or sweat shreds away.
  2. Start applying less or mild makeup to prevent skin breakouts which happened due to other health problems.
  3. Never share your makeup accessories with anyone in order to avoid the bacteria spreading.
  4. Always apply sunscreen before make-up to prevent your skin from sun damage or makeup problems.
  5. Always moisturize on your skin no matter which type of skin you have – dry or oily.
  6. Always choose your makeup products consciously. Makeup products which have harmful chemicals like formaldehyde , parabens should be avoided. You can use a patch test to see if that makeup product suits your skin or not.
  7. Never wear makeup while doing workout because during workout your oil gland & pores open up. The heavy layers of makeup on your skin stops your skin from Breaking resulting in many skin problems.
  8. Keep an eye on your makeup products and never use expired ones.

Conclusively, if you love makeup, you can definitely apply it on but always should remember to practice healthy make-up practices so that the negative factors associated with it may get eliminated or minimized.

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