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Types of Nail Shapes

Types of Nail Shapes | Nail Shapes Names | Best Nail Shape for Your Hands

Types of Nail Shapes – Every girl wants to know which Nail Shape is Best for Her. So, today I am writing this article where you get to know about Different Types Of Nail Shapes. Painting your nails with the best nail color and nail design will make your nails more amazing. When connected with the right nail shape, your hands and fingers will also look more attractive because the shape of your nails not only complements your nail design but also beautifies your hands. In This article, I am sharing some of the Tips For Nail shape according to hand shape. Also, we are providing Nail Art Course In Chandigarh in Sector 34A which is Offered By Fashion Make Fashion.

There are 12 interesting nail shapes that you may want to use for enhancing the beauty of your nails. You can now choose more bold and unusual nail shapes such as squawel, ballet (aka stiletto), coffin, mountain, flair, edge and lipstick shaped nails for more traditional oval, almond, round and square nails. Which nail shape do you think is best for your hand?

Square Nail Shape:

The Square Nail shape is very definite. The square nails are directly at the top and the corners are sharp-pointed. They are a popular size for short nails or long, narrow nail beds.

Round Nail Shape:

The Round Nail shape is another favourite one of those who like to cut their nails short. In Rounded nail shape, nail starts with a straight edge but bends at the edge to follow the natural shape of the fingertip.

Rectangular Nail Shape:

Square Oval Or Rectangular Nails are perfect if you enter the flat edge of the square but hate the sharp corners. Squall is your best choice. There are two of the best corners in the world to soften corners in this universally flattering shape.

Swirled Lipstick Shaped:

If you have longer nails and want a slimmer, more graceful look, try this Oval shape. Oval Nails will also make your hands look longer. So if you want to defeat the appearance of your fingers, this is a great way.

Almond Nail Shape:

Almond Shape Nails have featured narrow slides which always taper from the end and also have a rounded tip. Although such a strategy can’t work on short nails . Usually it looks lovely on longer nail lengths.

Squoval Nails:

Squoval Nails means a flat edge of a square and avoiding sharp corners. this means if you hate sharp corners then Squoval is the best option.

Oval Nails:

Basically Round Nails are Different from Ovals. This is how : Oval’s filled down on the sides in addition to the tips. Due to the extreme curvature, it gives more slender look to your finger .

Stiletto Nails:

Stiletto Nails is known for drama purposes. It ends are much sharper from the wider base and have long length. Stiletto Nails are best for ice-cream cone nail art.

Ballerina Nails:

Ballerina Nails known for coffin-shaped Nails. These are essentially by the Stiletto Nails but have a slight cut from top for the purpose of avoiding making it a sharp pin from top.

Lipstick Nail:

There are some people who want to cut a short and rounded shape Nails while some prefer a combination of skinny and almond shape. But there is a new shape named “Lipstick Nail”. As per the name suggests , a Lipstick Nail is filled at an asymmetrical angle which gives a diagonal slant.

Flare Nails:

As per the name suggests, the Flare Nail shape Flares upward and out surface from top. Such shape is also known as the Duck bill shape and gives the wide Flare Nails which can resemble a Duck Bill.

Edge Nails:

Edge Nails are from a point, it means that point is less aggressive than Stiletto, Arrowhead and Mountain Peak Nail Shape. As per it extends straight from the top edges. Being Nail is created, the edge nails also form a ridge from the center nail.

Arrowhead Nails:

Arrowhead Nails are the severe version of Stiletto Nail only due to being shorter and softer. It consists of Strokes resembling the Arrowhead.

Mountain Peak Nail:

Mountain Peak Nail shape is just like a Stiletto Nail as well as proper shorter and pointer shaped.

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