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Are the courses at your facility certified?

Yes, all our courses are certified by the Government.

Is your institute ISO certified?

Yes, our institute is ISO-certified with the accreditation- ISO Certified (9001: 2015)

Are these courses available in online as well as offline formats?

Yes, all the courses at Fashion Make Fashion are available in three formats namely Online, Offline
and Hybrid formats.

In the makeup artist course, is a makeup kit provided by the institute?

This depends on your requirements. All options are open for our students. You can either buy the
makeup kit from us or you can get it on rent if you are comfortable with it.

Do you have other branches of your makeup institute?

Yes, we have another branch in Pathankot, Punjab. You can visit the Pathankot branch from the following link.

Is there a good scope for makeup artists?

Yes, the makeup and cosmetics industry is growing by leaps and bounds every day. This has created hundreds of opportunities for budding artists in big as well as smaller cities.

Are there any prerequisites for joining this course?

No, you don’t need prior recognition or certification to join this course. However, there has to be a zeal to learn new things in the makeup industry.

Will I get a job directly after this course?

We will prepare you completely for any job in the makeup industry during our course. Not only that, we will also help and guide you if you wish to set up your Salon and become an entrepreneur.

What is the mode of payment accepted at your institute?

We accept all forms of payments at our institute.

Will I receive a certification after the course is completed?

Yes, you will receive a Certificate of Successful Completion once your course is completed at our institute. Our certificates are highly reputed throughout the nation and are also eligible abroad.

Is the EMI option available for payments?

If you are interested in learning from the best experts in the industry, we will help you in every way possible. You will be offered a No Cost EMI plan and if required, we will help you in getting a loan for
your courses as well.

Is getting into the makeup industry a good career move?

Yes, there is a huge scope in the cosmetics industry all across the globe. Even in India, there is a rise
in the demand for makeup experts in private, public and even Government sectors today.

Are there any entrepreneurial opportunities in the makeup industry?

Yes, there are many entrepreneurial opportunities in the makeup industry. You can start your salon
with our expert guidance and fulfil your dream of becoming a professional makeup artist as well as a

What is the minimum qualification requirement for this course?

There are no minimum qualification requirements for this course. You just need to have the right
enthusiasm that is required to learn an artistic profession.

Is there a minimum age requirement for admission at your facility?

This course is available for students of all ages but if you are a minor, you will be required to submit
a consent letter signed by your parents or guardians.

Can I start a career directly after course completion?

Yes, during the course, we will give you many practical experiences so that you will feel ready for the market and you will be able to start working as a professional makeup artist as soon as you get

Are your certifications Globally acceptable?

Yes, our certifications are Globally accepted. This is one of the reasons why students moving abroad
choose our courses because these skills are highly paid there.

When is the best time to join this course?

There is no best time for anything. If you are interested in the subject, the perfect time for you to
join the course will always be NOW!

What is the duration of the makeup artist course at your facility?

We have multiple courses for makeup ranging from 1-12 months.

What if I am not able to attend a few offline classes?

For those scenarios, we have prepared a hybrid class solution for all our students. If a student is
unable to attend an offline class, there is always a scope to talk with your trainer for alternative

How well do makeup artists earn?

In today’s digital era, the demand for good makeup artists is rapidly increasing day by day. This creates a shortage of good quality makeup artists and thus the artists with a good amount of experience can get paid handsome salaries easily.

How soon can I start working after my course completion?

There are endless answers to this question as the number of opportunities are also endless. You can
start working as a makeup professional the day after you get certified. Or you can wait and invest in
your startup and start earning as an entrepreneur.

Is there an attendance criterion for getting the certification?

Yes, there is a 90% minimum attendance criterion to become eligible for getting certified.

Is the course only available for girls and women?

No, none of our courses are dependent on what the gender of our students is. We are a gender
equality firm and we offer every course for all genders.

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