Skincare involves ways which enhance our appearance relieving us from stress & making us feel the best version of whom we were created to be. It’s a spiritual blessing to have good skin .Every child is born with a clean heart and a clean spirit. A mother’s health during pregnancy plays a major role in the health of a child. If a mother is depressed or suffers from any physical ailment, such ailments may be visible in her child too. Every child is blessed with a healthy, hygienic and breathable skin. Clean heart, sound mind and clean spirit make us happy from within and hence our skin glows. Skincare is a way of honoring God through our body as our body is a temple of the holy spirit and it must be used for holy purposes. Being sensitive to pains is a way of skincare.

There are various ways to take care of our skin. Drinking at least 2 liters of water on a daily basis can make us feel fresh and cleans the toxins from our body. Avoiding direct sunlight is another way of skincare as excess sunlight can damage our skin and also leads to skin cancer. The ultraviolet rays are very harmful to our skin. So, in case of an emergency, we must always use SPF depending on our skin type whether it’s oily or dry. Sunlight can also causes tanning which leads to discoloring. Swimming can be bad for the skin too as the higher chlorine level decreases the pH of water, making it more acidic. It may also damage our eyes. Using a good moisturizer day and night and not touching our face can also give good results. It’s also very important to remove face make up properly .

A regular spa can also make our skin rejuvenate. A good sleep of 6-8 hours can energize our mind and eyes making them free from dark circles. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables, jogging, exercising and deep breathing can play a pivotal role in harmonizing mind, willpower, body and emotions. Chewing food and good digestion can make our skin free from acne. Healthy thoughts make healthy skin and hence brings out a beautiful smile.

Our Skin Care Courses in Chandigarh provides proper training to the candidates for skincare treatment to make you a professional skincare artist.