Makeup is a choice to use cosmetics to enhance one’s beauty. It may be used by both males and females all across the world in different cultures. It has nothing to do with how the world perceives you. It is like creating an amazing version of yourself. Society might think that men and women who wear makeup don’t like to express their natural beauty but it’s way more than that. It can be a passion for someone. It shouldn’t be anyone else’s business but his/hers alone.

A person does makeup to make him/her feel good about him/hersel. It’s not done to impress others. So, it should not be judged. Light make up can make your eyes shine brighter and smile look even prettier. It’s always better to radiate than to look dull. But the real beauty lies within that includes our clean soul, heart and a sound mind. The way we think and talk matters more than how we look. But a healthy self-image can help us think positively about ourselves and others.

Makeup not just enhances our appearance, but also covers imperfections like acne, dark circles, pores, redness, stretch marks, discoloration, hair, blemishes, etc. Makeup can make us feel confident and keeps our skin protected. It can improve our complexion. We can have perfect pictures and have more fun. Makeup business can help to make a lot of money through various job opportunities like makeup artists, YouTube tutorials and makeup blogs.

Makeup products include foundation i.e., skin-colored liquid that matches your face. Face powder is to put after the liquid product to help it stay longer. Concealer hides dark circles. Blush gives a pink shade to cheeks. mascara makes eyelashes darker. Eyeliner makes eyelids look darker. lipstick/lip-gloss makes lips look beautiful. Famous make-up brand names include Maybelline, Color bar, Lakeme, M.A.C. and L’Oréal. Our Makeup training in Chandigarh makes a way for artists to become successful in their field and makes them able to provide the best services to satisfy customers.