Different Types of Dances

10 September, 2020 - by Author

Dance is an art that can be expressed by the movement of the body and soul via music to express an idea or emotion by having delight at the moment. It is one of the best ways to know yourself. Dance should be done in a way that makes you forget your social status and peer pressure. It should not be done to win some competition but to enjoy yourself with your soul. One can worship God in ballet dancing. A ballet dancer is someone who practices the art of classical ballet. Both females and males can practice ballet. It may be done alone or in a group. There are many other kinds of dances, and every culture has a different form of dance. For example, bhangra and gidda in Punjab, Kathakali in Kerala, Bharatanatyam in Tamil Nadu, Kathak in Uttar Pradesh, and Ghoomar in Rajasthan, etc. Martial arts, gymnastics, cheerleading, ice skating, synchronized swimming, marching bands also depict dance forms.

Indian folk dance is a dance performed to express joy and happiness. It is performed on many occasions like celebrating the arrival of seasons, a wedding, and birth of a child, festivals, and some other social customs. Men and women perform individually, while in some performances they dance together. On most occasions, dancers sing while dancing, while artists play the piano, guitar, drums, and other instruments. Each form of dance has a specific costume followed by sophisticated accessories. Creativity and imagination are the keys to good dancing.

Dance can be used to tell a story. Various testimonies can be told via ballet in which every step, every move has an emotion showing gratefulness to God. It is the most beautiful form of art. To plan a dance is called choreography, and is done by a choreographer. Dance training classes in Chandigarh aim to provide quality dance training making dance available to all.