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blog post8

Different Types of Dances

10 September, 2020 - by admin

Dance is an art that can be expressed by the movement of the body and soul via music to express an idea or emotion by having delight at the moment. It is one of the best ways to know yourself. Dance should be done in a way that makes you forget your social status and peer pressure. It should not be done to win some competition but to enjoy yourself with your soul. One can worship God in ballet dancing. A ballet dancer is someone who practices the art of classical ballet. Both females and males can practice ballet. It may be done alone or in a group. There are many other kinds of dances, and every culture has a different form of dance. For example, bhangra and gidda in Punjab, Kathakali in Kerala, Bharatanatyam in Tamil Nadu, Kathak in Uttar Pradesh, and Ghoomar in Rajasthan, etc. Martial arts, gymnastics, cheerleading, ice skating, synchronized swimming, marching bands also depict dance forms.

blog post7

Modeling As A Career Option

8 September, 2020 - by admin

A model is someone whose role is to promote commercial products and also pose for photography. Generally, female models are predominant, but nowadays male models are also coming up. Modeling is a great profession that is not only a good source of earning but also helps the model in taking care of his/her looks and also to remain physically fit. Models are trained to work on expressions, fitness, walk, body language, communication skills, confidence, and posture. Models must be able to answer questions confidently after the ramp walk. They are trained to overcome all fears. They have to be the best version of themselves. Models must love themselves and that should be reflected in their body language. This profession must be respected as it is a passion for so many young girls who wish to make a career in it. Models are trained to take a healthy diet and exercise regularly. Models who get first prize get a crown, bouquet, and sometimes even standing ovation.

blog post6

Mehndi Training is An Art

1 September, 2020 - by admin

Mehndi is a beautiful form of art created on the skin of females and males. It is usually created on palms of hand and back of hand and feet. It is a temporary skin design and decoration. It was originated in ancient India. Mehndi paste is used to create designs. The paste used is created from powdered leaves of the henna plant. Usually, women apply it on the back of hand and palm and also on feet. Mehndi is also of great significance in performing Bharatanatyam which is a famous classical dance form in India. There are various Mehndi designs like simple, Arabic, wedding, etc. cancer patients also apply Mehndi to decorate their scalps which give a cooling effect. Mehndi has a standard color, that is brown. Mehndi is applied on various occasions like Diwali, karva Chauth, Bhai Dooj, and also on Indian weddings. Brides in Bengal also apply Alta on their feet which is a red dye that is similar to henna.

blog post5

Makeup Overview

31 August, 2020 - by admin

Makeup is a choice to use cosmetics to enhance one’s beauty. It may be used by both males and females all across the world in different cultures. It has nothing to do with how the world perceives you. It is like creating an amazing version of yourself. Society might think that men and women who wear makeup don’t like to express their natural beauty but it’s way more than that. It can be a passion for someone. It shouldn’t be anyone else’s business but his/hers alone. A person does makeup to make them feel good about themselves, it’s not done to impress others. So, it should not be judged. Light make up can make your eyes shine brighter and smile look even prettier. It’s always better to radiate than to look dull. But the real beauty lies within that includes our clean soul, heart, and a sound mind. The way we think and talk matters more than how we look. But a healthy self-image can help us think positively about ourselves and others.

blog post4

Why Hairdressing is Important?

26 August, 2020 - by admin

The first thing that you notice in a person is their face. Having a flawless skin is good, but you also need to give importance to your hair. Hairdressing is a way of cutting, combing, or styling the hair in order to have a new look. Haircuts may include step cut, layers, bobs, bangs, blunt cut, flicks, short haircuts, etc. Hairstyles include puffs, braids, and bun. Hairdressing makes us look confident and speak a lot about our personality. Hairstyles vary as per occasions, for example, a bun looks good in the office, puff looks amazing at weddings and braids to look great at parties. It changes our appearance and makes us the best version of ourselves if it is done neatly. Hairstylists require a lot of patience and good communication skills. The job of a hairstylist is to enhance the client’s personal appearance.

blog post3

Overview of Skin Care | Skin Care Overview | Best Overview for Your Skin Care

25 August, 2020 - by admin

Skincare involves ways that enhance our appearance relieving us from stress making us feel the best version of whom we were created to be. It’s a spiritual blessing to have good skin, as every child is born with a clean heart and a clean spirit. A mother’s health during pregnancy plays a major role in the health of a child. If a mother is depressed or suffers from any physical ailment, such ailments may be visible in a child too. Every child is blessed with a healthy, hygienic, and breathable skin. Clean heart, sound mind, and clean spirit makes us happy from within and hence our skin glows. Skincare is a way of honoring God through our body as our body is a temple of the holy spirit and it must be used for holy purposes. Being sensitive to pains is a way of skincare.

blog post1

Types of Nail Shapes | Nail shapes Names | Best Nail Shape for Your Hands

10 February, 2020 - by admin

Every girl Wants to know which Nail Shape is Best for Her. So, today I am writing this article where you get to know about Different Types Of Nail Shapes. Painting your nails with the best nail color and nail design will make your nails more amazing. When connected with the right nail shape, your hands and fingers will also look more effective because the shape of your nails not only complements your nail design but also beautifies your nails.

blog post2

Easy & Attractive Nail Art Designs for Beginner | Best Nail art Ideas

18 February,2020 - by admin

There are so many Nail Art Designs that are easy to make at home and we have selected the right ones for all beginners. Nails have long been an important medium of beauty and style. With a little sparkle, you can make your nails extremely amazing and eye-catching.


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